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Talker's paradise is your one stop shop for your talker needs! We have complete tape lists, outfit lists, information on rare items and more! If there is anything you don't see on the website that is talker related shoot me an email at talkersparadisewebsite@gmail.com or comment on one of my youtube videos Talker's Paradise- YouTube so I can make Talker's Paradise even better! I usually check my gmail and comments daily so I should get back to you fairly fast. Updates and cool facts will be on this page as well so if you scroll down a bit the updates I do on this site should be there. If you see a little arrow by the title of a section that means there is more content. click on that and a drop down menu should appear. To get out of that section just click the main tab. Thanks for visiting and have an amazing day!

Song of the week! - Forgotten Again (click the words to go to video!)


April 2nd, 2022- Talker's Paradise's domain has been renewed for another year! Here's to another year of learning about talkers!

October 15th, 2021- Hello there! A major update for Talker's Paradise is in development right now. It will add new things to the site and make it easier to navigate. Trust me it will be a worth while update. Regarding the YouTube Channel, some videos have been put into development and are still getting worked out. At least one should be out by the end of October. Sorry there hasn't been many updates, I've been pretty busy but hopefully more updates will come more frequently. Have a nice day and enjoy paradise!

August 22nd, 2021- New YouTube Video! Snoopy Song - Yankee Doodle Dandy

A Birthday Surprise Book cover scan added in BB Scans

August 17th, 2021- New YouTube Video! Big Bird Story Magic - Big Bird's Animal Alphabet

August 15th, 2021- New YouTube Video! Teddy Ruxpin Song - And I Love You

August 12th, 2021- Display lists added in their respective sections and Picture of Alf is now on the Storytelling Talking Alf section

August 10th, 2021- Talker's Paradise Phone Background

August 9th, 2021- New YouTube Video! Hi-Tops Trailer Tape (Teddy Ruxpin and Cricket)

Fun Fact page added

August 8th, 2021- New YouTube Video! Charlie Brown Song - Forgotten Again Also Home Media Releases section added.

August 5th, 2021- New info added in the Ideal Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and Oscar sectionAlso Pictures of different Teddy Ruxpin Tape Decks added in the Teddy Ruxpin and Grubby section

August 4th, 2021- New YouTube Video! Big Bird Song - AB-C-DEF-GI Also German Airship Book scan added in TR Book Scans

August 3rd, 2021- Answer Box, and Picture Show picture on Picture show, Answer Box segment added

August 1st, 2021- Day 1 Patch, Teddy Ruxpin outfit section added, search bar function fixed, New info added on Teddy Ruxpin page.

August 1st, 2021- Websites official launch!

July 1st, 2021- Selected Open Beta

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