Mother Goose and Hector

Once upon a time...

The Talking Mother Goose was released in 1986 by Worlds of Wonder. Mother goose like Teddy Ruxpin and the other Worlds of Wonder talking toys uses animation cassettes so she can move her eyes, beak, and neck (if you have a 1st generation goose) to the story. There are 3 generations of Mother Goose. 1st generations which has a turning neck. 2nd generations which don't have a turning neck and have a clip on battery cover. Lastly 3rd generation Mother Goose's have no turning neck and have a hinged battery cover. Mother Goose takes 4 C batteries and came with the book and tape The Ugly Duckling. Mother Goose's companion Hector takes 4 AA batteries and came with the book and tape 3 Little Kittens. Hector had his own sub series of books and tapes called Hector Nursery Rhymes. To connect Hector to Mother Goose you can use a standard audio cable. No special cord needed for this bird duo! after WOW made the smaller version of Teddy Ruxpin, they were planing on making a smaller Mother Goose model but because of money struggles it never came out from Worlds of Wonder. But Playskool, the second manufacter of the Teddy Ruxpin toy did make a smaller Mother Goose. The Playskool talking Mother Goose is extremely rare though, barely popping up on auction sites like eBay.


  • Mother Goose Display

  • Mother Goose and Hector Display

Book and Tape list

-The Ugly Duckling

-The Tortoise & the Hare

-Peter & the Wolf

-The Princess and the Pea

-The Frog Prince

-Jack and the Beanstalk

-The Little Red Hen



-Little Red Riding Hood

-The Emperor's New Clothes


-The Sleeping Beauty


-The Shoemaker and the Elves

-Beauty and the Beast

-Goldilocks and the Three Bears

-Hansel and Gretel

-The Golden Touch

-The Grasshopper and the Ant

-Birthday Surprise

-Mother Goose POP Display Tape

Hector Nursery Rhymes

-The Three Little Kittens

-Little Bo Peep

-Hickory Dickory Dock

-Little Boy Blue

-Hey Diddle Diddle

-Mistress Mary

-Little Miss Muffet

A special thanks to, Gorb the Octopede for the picture of Mother Goose and Hector