Snoopy and Charlie Brown

the prototype Charlie Brown shown in the WOW rare footage/ Toy Fair Sales Demo

More Friends for Life Comes to Life

The Worlds of Wonder Snoopy came out in 1987 and was Worlds of Wonder's final full sized talker. Just like all of the other WOW Talkers *except small wow Teddy* He uses 4 C batteries. In total 12 stories were released for Snoopy. Also a Woodstock was released which when you squeezed it's sides it would chirp. Snoopy's companion talker, Charlie Brown was never released. The first prototype, Charles Schulz told WoW to re-design. The second prototype was probably set to release as the retail version (even goofy having "Charlie" written on his board) but because of WoW's financial troubles this never happened. Before the Worlds of Wonder Toy Fair Sales Demo was put on Youtube December 17, 2020, Charlie Brown footage was highly desired. That footage and more was on a DVD called the "WOW Rare Footage", which was sold on eBay in the late 2000s.


  • Snoopy Display

  • Snoopy and Charlie Brown Display (Charlie Brown Un-Released)

Book and Tape List
-Snoopy’s Talent Show

-Snoopy’s Birthday Party

-Snoopy goes Camping

-Snoopy’s Land of Make Believe

-Snoopy’s Baseball Game

-Snoopy’s Show and Tell

-Snoopy’s America

-Snoopy and the Great Pumpkin

-Snoopy at the Dog Show

-Snoopy hits the beach

-Snoopy’s Band

-Rock-A-Bye Snoopy

-Snoopy, Spike, and the Cat Next Door

-Snoopy POP Display Tape (Green Label)

-Snoopy POP Display Tape (Yellow Label)

(NOTE: Both Snoopy Display Tapes have the same audio)

A special thanks to, Gorb the Octopede for the picture of Snoopy