Talking Storytelling Alf

Talking from Melmac

The Talking Storytelling Alf was released by Coleco in 1987. Unlike other talkers at the time, each cassette had 2 stories on them. One on the A side and one of the B side.

Tape list

- (side A)Little red riding ALF/ Beauty ‘N the ALFer & (side B) Cinder-ALF and The Cat-With-No-Name

- (side A)Hansel & Gretel & ALF/ The tortoise and the ALFer & (side B) The taco stand of Doom/ 8 Cats A-Leaping

-(Side A)Goldi-ALF/ Snow White and the 7 Whitecaps & (side B) My Life as a Hossenfeffer/ Robin-ALF

A special thanks to Blue Oasis for the picture of Alf