Teddy Ruxpin and Grubby

Tweeg hand puppet

Metal Tape Deck (Only used in 1st Generation Teddy's)

Plastic Tape Deck (Used in 2nd and 3rd Generation Teddy's)

A Friend for Life, Comes to Life

Teddy Ruxpin was released in 1985 by the now defunct toy company Worlds of Wonder. Teddy Ruxpin is an animated talking toy created by the amazing Ken Forsee which you put animation cassettes into his tape player in the back of the bear for them to play. The way this is possible is by there are 2 tracks on each tape, one for the story's audio, and one for the animation track which makes his eyes and mouth move. This version of Teddy Ruxpin runs on 4 C batteries. Teddy also had a companion talker, Grubby which was released in 1986. Grubby connects to Teddy via a special (and expensive) beige cable. Grubby just like Teddy also takes 4 C batteries. Once you connect the cable into the ports on both Teddy and Grubby and you have an animation cassette in Teddy, Then they will both tell the story together. Also whenever Grubby is talking in the story the audio will come out of him instead of Teddy. Teddy Ruxpin originally came bundled in with one book and cassette, The Airship. There are 3 generations of Worlds of Wonder Teddy Ruxpin's. 1st generation Teddy's have a metal cassette player and rubber nose. 2nd generation Teddy's have plastic noses and a plastic cassette player. Although there are some 2nd gen Teddy's which have a rubber nose and a plastic cassette player. This is the case sometimes because they are first production 2nd gen Teddy's. 3rd generation Teddy's have a hinged battery cover and a plastic cassette player. Grubby also has 3 generations. 1st generations has a twist battery cover, 2nd generation Grubby's has a batter cover with small clips, and 3rd generation Grubby's have larger clips on the battery cover. Teddy Ruxpin was the hit toy of Christmas 1985 with stores being sold out of them everywhere. Most stores that carried Teddy Ruxpin product also had store displays that had Teddy or Teddy and Grubby on them. The displays played a special display tape which informed kids and parents what the toys were. The Teddy Ruxpin Brand also extended into puppets of some of the characters which didn't have their own talkers. Tweeg, L.B., Wooly, the anythings, and 2 different color fobs got their own puppets. Teddy also has 2 accessory toys. The first to release was the Answer box in 1988. The Answer was a square toy which had 4 buttons on it. Special tapes and book overlays for the Answer box itself was made as well. It would plug into Teddy with a cord hard wired into the Answer box unit itself. With the Answer box you could interact with the stories when Teddy or Grubby would ask you questions. Nextly released in 1989 was The Picture Show which was a a projector which you put view-master like reels in and it would project the images on the reels on the wall. The Teddy Ruxpin telephone also came out. Which you could practice calling Teddy and Grubby. In 1989 a new more cost efficient Teddy Ruxpin came out, fandubbed Teddy II. At this Time Worlds of Wonder was having money troubles which eventually lead to their bankruptcy. Teddy II had many differences than the original WOW Teddy. This Teddy was smaller, the vest was attached to the bear, he took 2 AA batteries to work, and the most drastic change was instead of using cassettes, he uses mini 8 tracks. Only 13 Teddy II tapes were made. Before Worlds of Wonder went completely bankrupt they gave the license to Teddy Ruxpin to Playskool, a Hasbro company which released a version of Teddy similar to Teddy II in 1992, then Backpack Toys acquired the license and made a new Teddy in 2006, and the latest Teddy Ruxpin to be made was in 2017 by Wicked Cool Toys. None of the newer Teddy Ruxpin's never reached the hype levels around the original.


  • Original Blue Base Display (White Display Tape)

  • Rainbow Falls Display (Green Display Tape)

  • Airship Display Tape (Teddy and Grubby Display Tape)

Retail Book and Tape list

-The Airship

-The Missing Princess

-The Story Of The Faded Fobs

-Tweeg and the Bounders

-All About Bears

-Take a Good Look

-Teddy Ruxpin’s Birthday

-Grubby’s Romance

-Teddy and the Mudblups

-Teddy’s Winter Adventure

-Teddy Ruxpin Lullabies

-The Wooly What’s-It

-Grunge Music

-Double Grubby

-The Day Teddy Met Grubby

-The Medicine Wagon

-Grundo Springtime Singtime

-One More Spot

-Autumn Adventure

-Uncle Grubby

-The Mushroom Forest

-The Sign of a Friend

-The Do-Along Songbook

-Lost in the Boggley Woods

-Grundo Beach Party

-The Third Crystal

-Wooly and the Giant Snowzos

-Tweeg gets the Tweezles

-”Quiet Please”

-Anything in the Soup

-Gizmos and Gadgets

-Water Safety with Teddy Ruxpin

-Fire Safety with Teddy Ruxpin

-Safe at Home with Teddy Ruxpin

-Teddy Ruxpin’s Christmas

-Teddy Ruxpin sings Love Songs

-Teddy Ruxpin Summertime

-Lullabies II

Promotional Tapes

-Teddy Ruxpin Greatest Hits (Red label)

-Teddy Ruxpin Greatest Hits (Blue label)

-Teddy Ruxpin POP Display tape (White)

-Teddy Ruxpin POP Display tape (Green)

-Teddy Ruxpin POP Display tape (Orange)

-Teddy Ruxpin POP Display tape (Red) (unconfirmed to exist)

-Teddy Ruxpin and Grubby Display tape

-In Support of the Missing Children

-Teddy Ruxpin visits the Dentist

-Welcome to the Fire Station

-Fire Station Lesson I: Get down and Roll

-Fire Station Lesson II: Cool it

-Welcome to Hasbro Children’s Hospital

-Crest Dental Promotion

-California Table Grape Commision- Special teddy Ruxpin Tape

-Teddy Ruxpin Water Safety Message