Answer Box

The Answer box with answer you

The Answer Box, which was released in 1988 was the first assesory released for the Worlds of Wonder Teddy Ruxpin. The Answer box is a box that has 4 buttons, a red, yellow, green, and blue button. When you have an answer box tape in Teddy and you have the Answer box connected to Teddy via the cable wired into the Answer box, you can use the 4 buttons to interact with the story. In the stories that go along with the Answer box Teddy will give you multiple choice questions where you put your imput by pushing a button. It takes a 9 volt battery which you screw onto the wires in the battery compartment. You can identify an answer box tape from a normal Teddy Ruxpin tape by looking at the color of the shell of the cassette. instead of the off white color, Answer Box tapes have a red tape shell.

Book and Tape list

-Counting is Fun

-Easy as ABC

-Up, Down, and All Around

-Just About the Size of it

-Shapes are Everywhere

-Let’s Talk about Opposites

-Color my world