Backpack Toys Teddy Ruxpin

A new Teddy in a new decade

Backpack Toys released their version of Teddy Ruxpin in 2006. This Teddy Ruxpin is about the size of the YES! Entertainment and Playskool versions. The stories came on cartridges with 2 stories each. Many story releases were planned but got cancelled. Also each story came with 2 version of each book. One to follow along with the story word by word (black and white book), and one that shows illustrations of what happens in the story (full color). Some Backpack Toys Teddy Ruxpin's were bundled with a subscription to the Airship portal. The Airship Portal was a child safe website with games and read along stories.

Book and Tape list

-Treasure series- The Airship

-Treasure series 1-Wooly and the Wizard/ Captured by Mudblups

-Treasure series 2-The Missing Princess/ Treasure

-Adventure series 1-Teddy’s Birthday/ The day Teddy met Grubby

-Adventure series 2-Take a good look/Grubby’s Romance

-Music series 1-Lullabies/ Christmas