Flying outfit (Teddy)

Hiking outfit (Teddy)

Winter outfit (Teddy)

Sleeping outfit (Teddy)

Workout outfit (Teddy)

Nightshirt outfit (Teddy)

Rain outfit (Teddy)

Hiking outfit (Grubby)

Sleepytime outfit (Grubby)

Tuxedo outfit (Came bundled with Teddy Ruxpin sings Love Songs)

Summertime Beach outfit (came bundled with Teddy Ruxpin Summertime)

Santa Suit outfit (Came bundled with Teddy Ruxpin's Christmas)

There are also patterns to make outfits released by McCall's Crafts. The patterns released by McCall's Crafts are

Workout outfit pattern

Sleepware outfit pattern

Hunting outfit pattern

Aviator outfit pattern

Rainware outfit pattern

Tuxedo outfit pattern