Picture Show

Come along with me to the Picture Show

The Picture Show, released in 1989 was an accessory for the Worlds of Wonder Teddy Ruxpin. The Picture Show takes 4 C Batteries and connects to Teddy via the port under his cassette player. Picture Show tapes come in a blue shell. To operate the Picture Show you put in 4 C batteries in the Picture Show unit, make sure Teddy has batteries (which he takes 4 C batteries as well), plug in the Picture Show unit into Teddy, Put the Picture Show tape into Teddy's cassette player, and finally put the corresponding reel into the slot in the Picture Show (arrow down).

Tape and Reel list

-Tweeg’s Lemonade Stand

-Gimmick Learns a Lesson

-Teddy’s Underwater Rescue

-The Great Grundo Groundrace

-Teddy and the Surf Grunges

-A Wedding in Grundo

-Big Little Wooly