Wicked Cool Toys Teddy Ruxpin

A new kind of magic

Wicked Cool Toys released their version of Teddy Ruxpin in 2017. This Teddy is notable for his changes in Teddy's usual design. Teddy now sporting, an orange shirt, vest, and jorts. Also instead of the usual mechanical eyes, LCD eyes. This Teddy came with 3 stories, The Airship, All About Bears, and Captured by Mudblups. There were 2 variants of this Teddy. One with the new design, and one with a more classic design which was exclusive to Target stores. Also Teddy's that were bought from the QVC shopping network would come with physical books of the 3 stories that came with Teddy. The next year around the Holiday season, Wicked Cool Toys released the Hug N Sing line. These would have a few pre-loaded song bits on them. In 2018, the Wicked Cool Toys Teddy Ruxpin also won Toy of the year award in the infant/preschool division. After 2018 nothing much happened with the WCT Teddy. A few stories were released that year, but a few like the Mushroom Forest never saw the light of day.

Story list

-The Airship

-All about Bears

-Captured by Mudblups (Teddy and the Mudblups)

-Wooly and the Wizard

-The missing Princess

-Grubby’s Romance

-The day Teddy met Grubby

-Teddy Ruxpin’s Birthday

-Teddy Ruxpin’s Christmas

-Teddy Ruxpin Lullabies

-Double Grubby

-The Story of the faded Fobs

-Teddy Ruxpin Summertime

-Grundo Springtime Singtime