YES Entertainment Teddy Ruxpin

The New World for Teddy Ruxpin

Yes Entertainment released their version of Teddy Ruxpin in 1998. This Teddy Ruxpin has a new design, with a red sweatshirt with yellow stripe, and blue sweatpants. This Teddy went back to talking full sized cassettes, however WOW Teddy Ruxpin tapes will not work in this Teddy. This Teddy came with a small beanie Teddy in the box originally and came with the Airship book and tape. The YES Entertainment Teddy Ruxpin uses 4 AA batteries. This Teddy also had an accessory, The TV Video Pack. With The TV video pack, Teddy can interact with the VHS playing.

-The Airship

-“Quiet Please”

-The day Teddy met Grubby


-Teddy’s winter adventure

-The do-along songbook

-The sign of a friend


-Uncle Grubby

-Teddy’s Christmas

-The Wooly What’s-it

-All About Bears

-Autumn Adventure