TJ Bearytales

A Bear-iffic talker!

TJ Bearytales was released in 2006 by Playskool to compete with Backpack Toys Teddy Ruxpin. This talker uses 4 D batteries, to move his ears, eyes, mouth, and arms while playing a story. Like the stories released for Backpack Teddy, TJ uses cartridges. His back could also store 4 additional cartridges. Some Book and Cartridge bundles came with accessories that TJ could hold in his hand while telling the story. Some took batteries to do things like light up, as well. There was going to be 2 3D direct to DVD animated cartoons made by The Jim Henson Company. Those were to be called "My Beary Outer Space Adventure", and "My Beary Colorful Adventure". The deal was originally struck in 2007 for a Spring 2008 release but, unfortunately neither of those saw the light of day and only a few second clip of one remains on YouTube.

There is 1 TJ Bearytales display

Book and Cartridge List

-My Big Birthday Surprise

-My Not So-Patient Day

-My Baby Sister and Me

-Tale of the Cave Bear

-Bear Ahoy! My Pirate Adventure

-My visit to the Doctor

-Super T.J. To the Rescue!

-Our School Play

-My Beary First Day of School

-My Teeny Tiny Adventure

-Scaredy Bear of the Dark (comes with Flashlight)

-My Bear-Riffic Safari (Comes with Camera)

-Bear-Riffic Trip to Outer Space (Comes with Radio)

-My Big Mess (Comes with Vacuum Cleaner)

-Night of the Bear-Zillion Stars (Comes with Microphone)