Tyco Big Bird

New decade, same bird

Tyco Big Bird released in 1990. Fundamentally Tyco Big Bird is Ideal's talking Big Bird with a few changes. Tyco's has a smaller form factor, cassette player door, and the inability to connect to Cookie Monster and Oscar. Tyco Big Bird also plays the same tapes as Ideal Big Bird, making it's tape library exactly the same. Tyco Big Bird takes 4 AA batteres like the Ideal Big Bird as well.

  • Big Bird Can Share

  • Big Bird’s Day on the Farm

  • I can Count to 10 and back again

  • The Sesame Street Players Present Mother Goose

  • I Think that it is Wonderful

  • I Want to go home

  • Big and Little Bird’s Big and Little Book

  • The Colors of Spring

  • It’s a Deal!

  • No Cookie’s Til’ Dinner

  • A Very Special Picnic

  • Big Bird’s Amazing Dream

  • Big Bird’s Animal Alphabet

  • Imagine That

  • The Cupcake Caper

  • A Birthday Surprise

  • Friends to the Rescue

  • The Colors of Spring

  • Oh, Brother

  • Goldilocks and the Three Grouches